Gmail’s “Promotions” tab – Is email marketing dead?

Gmail’s “Promotions” tab – Is email marketing dead?

The power of Google is undeniable. Earlier this week, Google went down for five minutes and along with it, 40% of all Internet traffic went down for the count.

A few months ago, Google revised its Gmail email user interface with a series of tabs in an effort to facilitate organization of email at the inbox level. The end result? According to our stats, a definitive decline in open-rates for email marketing deliveries to Gmail recipients.

Unfortunately for email marketers, mass emails from companies or organizations get slotted into a “Promotions” tab that requires an extra click in order to view emails cordoned off under this tab.

To find out more about this issue and potential solutions, please read the blog post, “Gmail tabs – a new problem for email marketers” from our strategic partner, Trillion Creative.

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