Digital marketing strategies backed by 20 years of experience.

SEO Strategy Report

Get our SEO research expertise and a customized content strategy encapsulated in an actionable report that you can implement, along with a roadmap for future digital marketing strategy. This service is great for agencies or graphic design firms with web development teams or businesses seeking a DIY solution. Learn more »

Search Engine Marketing

Your organization’s website and digital marketing endeavors will have little impact if they are not accessible to your target audience. Search engine optimization is no longer just about on-page optimization of your website, it encompasses content production planning, conversion strategies, online brand management, and content testing strategies. Learn more »

Online Reputation Management

As an executive, celebrity, business or organization, online threats to your brand and image can have adverse affects on your reputation. Online Reputation Management (ORM) solutions can mitigate the effect of existing threats or work to pre-emptively strengthen your reputation against future threats. Learn more »

Social Media Strategy

Integrating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope and other social media platforms into your digital marketing toolkit allows you to leverage unique community-oriented platforms to reach, build and interact with your target audience. Learn more »

Website Development

Need a website? Online marketing begins with a solid foundation. Choose a digital marketing agency that has the capability of aligning your website development with future growth and exposure. Learn more »


Does your corporate imagery, executive/staff member photos, or location imagery need an overhaul? Your identity can be made or broken by the quality of the imagery that represents your business. Crescent Leaf Technologies has experience with capturing the uniqueness of an organization’s personality and vibe. Learn more »

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